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FESS Fire Protection has over 60 years of combined experience as a fire protection contractor and portable fire extinguisher distributor. As a special hazards, fire protection contractor for industrial and commercial fire suppression, fire sprinkler, and alarm systems, FESS works in close conjunction with insurance companies and code enforcement officials to ensure that you are properly protected and in compliance with the latest guidelines.

With an extensive background in hand portable fire extinguisher applications, our sales and technical staff have the exceptional experience and knowledge to fit you with the proper equipment, protecting life and assets from light hazards. FESS is an authorized distributor for ANSUL, Badger Fire Protection, and PyroChem – time tested, trusted, quality equipment. We gladly provide extinguisher classes and certification to ensure proper usage of your portables.

FESS Fire Protection aims to be the industry standard for quality and service. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, reputable products, and the experienced design and installations that our loyal customers have come to expect. FESS maintains the vision of the founders of Metrolina Sprinkler, Johnson Automatic, and Commercial Services, Inc.


We are Carolina’s paramount fire protection contractor built on customer relationships and core values; providing outstanding service, inspection and installation practices through dedicated employees and our fundamental partnerships with local vendors to protect Lives and Property.


Our culture of teamwork allows us to work together within the Company, and with our customers to deliver better solutions and collectively accomplish our goals.

Fire Extinguishers

Is your facility properly equipped in the event of a fire? Routine inspections safeguard lives, assets, and property. FESS’s experienced sales team and technicians are available to fit you with the right equipment! Confirmation of proper function of your equipment can avoid further loss from lack of maintenance and inspection.

If you are in the process of construction, insure your job site is in compliance with NFPA 241 safety requirements. FESS Fire Protection offers rentals for the duration of your project.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) prohibits employees from using extinguishers unless they’ve had proper training. Employers are responsible for providing an educational program to familiarize employees with the general principles of fire extinguisher use.

More Details

FESS Fire Protection offers cabinets and access panels for virtually any application.  We have access to all major brands, making various styles, materials, finish and size options almost endless.

We can provide:

  • Fire extinguisher cabinets
  • Fire hose cabinets
  • Fire blanket cabinets
  • Fire valve cabinets
  • Marine rated fire equipment lockers
  • Industrial fire hose & equipment houses
  • SCBA cabinets
  • Flammable liquid storage cabinets
  • Corrosive liquid storage cabinets
  • AED & Oxygen cabinets
  • Access doors
  • Detention grade cabinets and access panels

FESS Fire Protection offers walk-in hand portable extinguisher service. We currently offer walk-in extinguisher refills, recharge, and repair at the following locations. Hours are Mon-Thurs 8 to 4 and Fri 8 to 3.


3363 North American St.


10806 Reames Rd, Ste Q


131 International Drive, Morrisville


2330 Cragmore Rd.

A commonly overlooked compliance issue is ensuring that your Exit/Emergency Lights are in proper working order. FESS offers service, maintenance, inspection, and repair of Exit/Emergency Lights!

Fire Sprinkler


The design of a fire sprinkler system must take into consideration the special circumstances and environment of your property. Not all systems are created equal. The engineering of this life-saving device should be trusted to a designer with experience handling diverse industries. A fire sprinkler that is properly designed will mitigate damage and use the proper agent to rapidly contain and extinguish flames. FESS Fire Protection’s designers are committed to understanding your needs and aim to provide customers with a superior system that will perform!


Our installation teams are OSHA trained and licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. We are experienced in dry pipe, wet pipe, pre-action systems, hydrant, backflow, and fire-pump installations and service. Our teams help assess your needs and ensure that your system will perform when you need it.


FESS technicians are always on-call to provide you with system repairs. Our dedicated professional techs are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for routine maintenance, system upgrades, and emergency repairs. We didn’t design and install your system? Don’t worry we still offer rapid response service!


Fire Sprinkler System Inspections & Testing are essential to the life of your system and ensure proper function in the event of a fire. Scheduled inspections should coincide with a regular building maintenance plan. Protect lives and assets by scheduling your Fire Sprinkler System Inspections today!


  • I am pitch one. This is why.

  • I am pitch two. This is how.

  • I am pitch three. CLOSE IT.


Most jurisdictions in the Southeast area require annual inspections of sprinkler systems to be performed to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, so it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection with a trusted fire safety company each year. (only info found on competitor site with some substance…)


Flow from DESIGN, INSTALLATION, INSPECTION. Make this really flow to show a process or stand alone. Will you maintain systems not designed or installed by FESS? Pitch the deal.


Flow from DESIGN, INSTALLATION, INSPECTION. Make this really flow to show a process or stand alone. Will you maintain systems not designed or installed by FESS? Pitch the deal.


Kitchen Hoods

Restaurant fire suppression systems are a must-have for your kitchen. FESS Fire Protection has long standing experience in the installation and inspection of restaurant fire systems. Based on your equipment type and hood size, we can find the most effective system for your requirements. We are an authorized Ansul and Pyro-Chem fire system distributor.

Clean Agent Systems

Using water as a fire suppressant in areas where electronics operate and irreplaceable, high-value assets are stored, could be as devastating as fire itself. Clean Agent Systems quickly suppress fires and protect sensitive equipment without causing harm to people or the environment. These systems are especially suited to suppress fires in areas where an electrically non-conductive medium is required, where electronic systems cannot be shut down in an emergency, where cleanup of other agents posses a problem, and in normal occupied areas that demand a non-toxic agent. FESS Fire Protection is an authorized dealer of Ansul FM-200 and Fire Trace Clean Agent Systems.

Special Hazard Systems

Special Hazards Suppression Systems help protect against asset loss in high-risk facilities. Environments including chemicals, flammables, processes or equipment require specialized fire protection and suppression solutions that a traditional sprinkler system may not be able to offer. Ask a representative if Ansul Industrial CO2 Systems & Pre Engineered FIRE TRACE Systems are right for your space.

Dry Chem

Dry Chemical fire suppression systems protect industrial hazards such as Spray Paint Booths, Flammable Liquid Hazards and also HazMat Storage Rooms. These systems are available in BC and ABC dry chemical compounds.

Industrial Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Industrial Vehicles contain large quantities of flammable liquids, under the right conditions, these flammables can accelerate a fire increasing the risk of injury, death, and complete loss of valuable equipment. The daily stresses on the mechanical and electrical components leaves them vulnerable for malfunctions which may result in ignition. FIRE TRACE is a unique, reliable solution for protecting your heavy equipment.

Fire Alarm & Security





Need An Alarm System But Don't Know Where To Start?


Each year, business owners face millions of dollars in damages due to fire. As the business owner or facility manager, it is your responsibility to understand the function of fire alarm systems. A licensed fire protection company with extensive knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations will help you determine the best system for your needs.

For more information about Commercial Fire Alarm Systems, follow this link for a brief guide to help you get started!

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